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Getting Started

Everything you need to know about getting started with writing your content.

Submitting Content

Before submitting content, we recommend that you read the entire instructions on this page. Please be sure to read the sections on Plagiarism and Crediting Sources, as well as the CoolCarsHotGirls.com Author/Artist Agreement. We also recommend that you review the published content that is currently on our website. Please search through our website for similar topics and make sure that your post hasn’t already been covered. We are always looking for new car topics, product reviews, wallpapers, and freebies.

Please understand that our content is focused on both cars and girls, but primarily on cars and the auto industry in general. We encourage our publishers to submit content that is either car related only or related to both cars and girls. For example, submitting 10 free wallpapers that include both cars and girls would more likely be accepted compared to 10 free wallpapers that only included girls.

Note: We will not accept any submitted content that contains nudity or any “questionable” content.

Pitch us Your Content

Feel free to pitch us your content and tell us what you intend to write about. Please include a few JPG images, a category, basic topic information, and a descriptive summary. Submit your content pitch by using the following form:

Pitch and Submit Content Form

How to Format your Article for Submission

Your article must come with:

  • A 200x200px preview image for the blog post.
  • An HTML file with the article fully written. The HTML file should be written in the same way that posts on the site are. Download the HTML template here.
  • Images in the articles should be no more than 685px wide. The only exception is for when the article has a link to an image that needs to be larger (e.g. a wallpaper).
  • When packaging your article, please include the images in the same folder as the HTML before sending.

Submit Content to CoolCarsHotGirls.com

About Publishing on Our Website

CoolCarsHotGirls.com is an online community with a specific focus on the automotive industry. The information shared throughout our blog helps people in the industry learn new and innovative things, adds to their interest or hobby and also provides entertainment. If you have some helpful knowledge you would like to share, we would be interested in speaking with you.

Working With You

We believe that the auto industry is a very broad area that has an enormous community of like-minded people. We love to hear new and creative ideas and we would enjoy the possibly working with you.


If you want to submit an article to CoolCarsHotGirls.com, we only accept content that is related in some way or another to our content. If your article is accepted, we’ll pay an agreed USD rate per item published. Make us an offer on what you think your article is worth! We recommend using PayPal in order for you to receive a quick payment. This fee will be paid within the first week following the publishing of your article.

Your Content Must Fulfill the Following Criteria:

  1. 1. You must send us your already completed content for us to review for acceptance. Please not every article will be accepted. Pitch your ideas to get feedback from us, prior to submitting the full content.
  2. Your content must be your original work and not published elsewhere.
  3. You will need to format your content as per the format described in the corresponding content type section below.
  4. You must have a PayPal account for us to pay you.
  5. Your content may be edited prior to publishing.

Content Types

What should you write about? Well, there’s plenty actually. We are looking for well-written articles that share insight on anything from test-drive reviews, car care products or a collection of iPhone wallpapers. The ideas are endless. Below, are a few subjects that may appeal to you.

Written Articles

If you’re a car enthusiast like us, articles are a great read. You have a huge opportunity to captivate readers on advancing automotive technologies, not to mention establishing credibility for yourself. As an example, you could write about the differences between tire brands, compare and contrast costs or get specific with stopping power, tread wear and more. Concept cars are another topic worth exploring. CoolCarsHotGirls.com respects our contributors and we encourage authors to provide our readers with helpful knowledge within the industry.


Interviews are another great way to provide helpful information to thousands of our readers. Interview designers, engineers and performance enthusiasts. We’d recommend doing research on the web and find performance part makers who are interesting in broadening their marketing approach. For example, an author could interview a BANKS exhaust representative and ask specific questions about certain products, a company’s philosophy and how their product is tackling innovation in today’s automotive industry. Another example, interviewing sport car owners, custom car owners or even average auto owners, would share tons of ideas to our blog. Owners have incredible value, as they can add personal experience and likes and dislikes about their vehicle. Don’t forget about beautiful models that have insight on modeling in the automotive industry.


Reviews are critical to auto owners. There are millions of products available for autos that often lack solid reviews. One could try the product and write about the pros and cons of the product. If you’re not looking to purchase the product, you can always search for helpful reviews and provide direct links, write your own analysis and form your own stance. Reviewing cars, trucks, products, performance parts and brands is just the start. Get creative!


Everyone loves freebies! Whether it’s wallpapers for your computer, posters, calendars, videos or just cool photos, car enthusiasts are interested in it all! CoolCarsHotGirls.com recommends that your freebie be of the best quality, original or at least credited. After all, quality is what makes our site the best on the web.

Monthly or Weekly Roundups

What are “roundups?” Roundups is just a term we used to describe a collection of things that are going on that month or week. A roundup of cars from a car show is a good example. 20 cool car illustrations is another example. While roundups are usually a collection of media throughout the web, you can also collect relative blog posts and news article that are similar to your topic.

Important Information

This section contains information on proper formatting, spelling and grammar, crediting your sources…etc.

CoolCarsHotGirls.com Style Guide

We recommend that all authors abide by the Chicago Manual of Style and the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. While we want our authors to provide top quality writing, we also enjoy your own personal writing style so please feel free to write in your own tone.


  • Please use American Spellings if you can. We may correct spelling and grammar in some cases.
  • Use one space after periods.


DO Capitalize:

  • Names of cars, vehicles and motorcycles
  • Brands
  • Web, Web site, Internet

DON’T Capitalize:

  • Colors
  • The word e-mail


  • Spell out numbers from one to ten.
  • Use numerals for all instructions.

Plagiarism and Crediting Sources

It’s important to be very careful when you’re putting your content together. Here are a few things to look out for when you are writing articles.

Credit All Sources and Use Common Sense.

Always credit your sources. If you credit your sources, it makes it completely clear that you are not trying to steal content or hide something. It will also allow us to review your article and accept it more easily.

Use common sense and use caution. You may want to trust your instinct on whether or not something is copyright or not. Sometimes even the idea or principle can be taken from another source and not appropriately credited.

Photography and Videos:

  • DO use images that you have photographed yourself.
  • IF you do use images from other websites, credit your source by supplying a link to where you found the image.
  • DO link to videos on YouTube.

If you do not include your image sources your article will not be accepted.

Thank you for taking the time to read this section, as it helps protect the site and the photographer, illustrator or original creator of the work.

CoolCarsHotGirls.com/Author/Model Agreement

If your Article is Accepted:

  • The author or model can use the content and graphics in any commercial or non-commercial work, except for any online car related or similar blog.
  • You grant a license for users to download and use any information within your article. They may not reproduce the content itself, but they can use your provided information to share knowledge and ideas.
  • You grant a license to CoolCarsHotGirls.com to be the exclusive publisher of the content online. You may republish extracts online, for example on your own website, however the article should not appear elsewhere. You may publish this article offline in any way you wish, for example you could sell it to a magazine or submit it to a book.
  • You consent to the full article, content, extracts, samples or examples from it appearing in other CoolCarsHotGirls related sites, products and services.

Again, thanks for reading all of this. Please contact us if you have any questions.