It doesn’t matter if you have a long history of working on cars, going to car shows, or just looking at car magazines and dreaming, the internet offers a wide variety of sites for car lovers of all ages and interests.

However, trying to find the right site to get all your car news can be a bit of a hassle, so why not check out some of the most popular car websites listed below?

Look over the list and decide which website will give you the information and news you want to hear most.

Top 8 Car Websites

  • Motor Trend: As one of the oldest auto publishing companies, Motor Trend started as a magazine in 1949 and quickly became the standard for automobile journalism. Today they continue that trend online with their website, which offers news, insights, photos, car show listings, and more.
  • Top Gear: Top Gear is a British TV show that began in 1977, covering everything about cars — reviews, news, and more. Today the tradition continues as the hosts examine car culture from around the world, often with a humorous spin. The show is great, but you can also check out their website for great insights about new and classic cars.
  • Road & Track: Another one of the most popular automobile print magazines goes online. Road & Track has a history of examining and rating cars for over 60 years. They cover everything from the newest Porsche to Ford Mustang parts.
  • Jalopnik: This site covers the wide world of new cars and emerging trends in the auto industry. Go here for the latest news and speculation about your car makers and what they have in store for the future.
  • Auto Spies: Want the hottest scoop on next season’s models or new CJ Pony Mustang accessories? Check out the site that brings you the news other sites can’t get.
  • Conceptcarz: Maybe stock cars aren’t your thing. If you want to go beyond the everyday and look at the future of cars, check out this site. It will give you the insider’s scoop on concept cars and what might be coming off the assembly line 10 years from now.
  • Autoblog: Another great site for automobile news, reviews, and insights. This site will give you some great coverage of the current auto industry as well as give you breaking news and speculation about upcoming trends and new models coming down the line.
  • eBay motors: Last but not least is eBay motors. The biggest second-hand store on the internet is also a great place for car enthusiasts. It may not have news or exclusive photos of the next Viper, but it can point you toward some great deals on auto parts for your new or classic car.

Do you know a good car website that wasn’t mentioned in the list? Feel free to share your website using the comment form below.

This post was written by guest blogger CJ who likes to blog about cars, from concept cars to CJ Pony Ford Mustang parts.