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New Concept Cars - Luxury and Smart?

New Concept Cars – Luxury and Smart?

It seems as though car designers are having a secret competition these days to come up with the most outrageous car designs. In an attempt to outdo each other and attract the masses, auto manufacturers are...

20 Hot Cars & Tuning Photos

20 Hot Cars & Tuning Photos

20 Hot Car & Tuning Photos Everyone likes modified hot cars, especially tuning fanatics. This article showcases 20 awesome high resolution photos of imports, domestics and super cars from around the world. Each car has been...

Microsoft unveils "Project Detroit" Concept Car

Microsoft unveils “Project Detroit” Concept Car

The All American Classic – 1967 Mustang Microsoft unveiled “Project Detroit” on Wednesday March 21st, 2012. The new concept car has inspired developers all over the world to get on board with building apps for new...

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