It seems as though car designers are having a secret competition these days to come up with the most outrageous car designs. In an attempt to outdo each other and attract the masses, auto manufacturers are crafting some pretty funky looking vehicles. A few years ago the boxy look was all the rage, just ask Scion and Kia. Nissan took this idea and tweaked it a bit eventually releasing the oddly shaped Cube, which despite its name is more rounded than square. Honda went back to the drawing board and successfully incorporated the shape of an aircraft nose cone into the new Insight and Fit model designs. At Ford, the Flex designers appear to have been influenced by a package of graham crackers while the Ford Fiesta is obviously patterned after a June bug.

Fiat 500

Tiny Cars Are Chic

With fuel prices skyrocketing it is no surprise that micro mini cars are now back in vogue. Gone are the days of big, flashy, urban assault vehicles. The rich, famous and ultra-cool are turning their attention to leaner and greener means of transportation. Heck even Jennifer Lopez is hawking the itty bitty Fiat 500, which will surely make this vehicle more popular with the urban crowd. As well, hipsters who can’t get the keys to their parent’s Buick LeSabre would be thrilled to be seen climbing out of stylish Mini Coopers, ironically of course.

Weird Is In

With this trend toward small and a new desire for the weird the question is what will be the next strange thing to roll off the assembly line? Perhaps designers could combine forces and blend not only different model designs but signature brand styling to make something completely unique. This author suggests an intersection of the world’s most desirable vehicle, the Aston Martin with the world’s tiniest and most efficient vehicle, the Smart Car. This cross-pollination would yield the very first luxury-sport-economy car and could be deemed the Smart-Ast.

Smart AST

The Perfect Combination

Similar to the notion of lobster corn dogs or Gucci baby diapers the Smart-Ast combination of chic and practical could be a huge success. No doubt it would appeal to suave sophisticates as well as nerdy geniuses around the globe. It probably would not be as fast as other Aston Martin models but who needs all those speeding tickets anyway? Considering only half of the vehicle would be comprised of Aston Martin parts the price point could be affordable for most. Just think of how much fun it would be to zip around town in a new Smart-Astturning heads as you pass by all the local car dealerships. You might even feel inspired to say something snide to those who ask about your interesting vehicle because, well, it is a Smart-Ast after all.

Windy Reigns, Author – Online Advertising