Most people associate the brand Lamborghini with fast and heart-pounding performance cars such as the Gallardo or Aventador. Few people would ever associate the luxury brand with something as mundane and ordinary as a SUV. However, Lamborghini unveiled the Urus sport utility vehicle in Beijing China at the International Automotive Exhibition and this upscale SUV is anything but ordinary.

This Isn’t Your Average Luxury SUV

The Urus is extremely futuristic and aggressive looking with sporty headlamps and a bold stance. Side mirrors come equipped with built-in cameras which offer the driver an overview of the road via a LCD screen.  The exterior is crafted out of lightweight carbon which means that the Urus has the ability to be quick and nimble despite its larger size.  Large twenty four inch and distinct wheels are in place in order to complement the SUV’s bold appearance. Despite its humble SUV status, the Uru boasts an impressive 600 horsepower. That’s enough power to really jumpstart your grocery shopping and errands around town. Lamborghini has announced that all-wheel-drive will also be a permanent feature.  

Cool cars - Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Will Target China’s Tycoons

Exotic automotive brands are manufacturing SUV’s in order to deal with the slow sales that can sometimes accompany high performance exotic cars. There is simply a much bigger demand for luxury SUV’s due to their practical nature. Most SUV’s offer plenty of seating and cargo space which makes them ideal for long road trips and family outings. Lamborghini plans to offer the Urus for sale in the U.S, UK, China, Russia and the Middle East. China will be a major demographic targeted by Lamborghini since large luxury SUV’s are a big hit with Chinese business millionaires and tycoons.

Cool cars - Lamborghini Urus

Luxury With An Environmental Conscience

Engineers built the Urus with environmental concerns in mind. The Urus will offer the lowest emissions of any other luxury SUV in the market. Pricing is estimated to start around $200,000 which will make this one of the most expensive SUV’s on the market. Lamborghini is planning to produce at least three thousand models in 2012.

Cool cars - Lamborghini Urus

This isn’t Lamborghini’s first SUV; the company launched the LM002 in 1985 which didn’t sell as expected. The Urus will compete in the super luxury SUV segment with vehicles such as the Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes M-Class.

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