If you take a drive past your local car dealership, you are likely to notice a relatively full forecourt. As you are likely aware, the last two years have not exactly been kind to either car dealers or manufacturers. Nowadays, people are spending a lot more time asking themselves whether they really need, or can even afford, a new car.

Because of this, if car manufacturers want consumers to part with their hard earned cash, they are going to have to start offering a lot more than ABS. They seem to be aware of this fact too, as this year, they have come out with all manner of fancy new in car gadgetry. Here are seven of the fanciest reasons to purchase a new car right now. 

BMW Night Vision

Should you be a fan of all things futuristic, how about a car with night vision? BMW have come up with a way of installing infra red cameras at the front of some of their latest models. Said cameras broadcast what’s on front of you to a small dashboard screen enabling you to recognize objects on the road as far away as one thousand feet, regardless of how dark it is. And thanks to the fact that the system does not rely on thermal imaging, the cameras can pick up both living and inanimate obstacles in your path.

Lenux Self Parking

For those that are too lazy to park themselves, or for those who are simply no good at it, a Lenux may be the perfect choice. Many of their models now incorporate a rear end camera and a small dashboard screen that together enable your car to park itself. All that you are required to do is to select where on the screen you would like it to do so. Then simply take your foot off the breaks and the cars onboard computer will do the rest. Once you’re happy with the positioning of your car, you simply apply the breaks again to regain control.

Volkswagen Intelligent Crash System

Should you consider safety to be a priority when purchasing a new car, Volkswagens new Intelligent Crash System is likely to be of significant interest to you. While a collision in most cars will simply lead to air bags deploying, Volkswagen cars now take a much more detailed approach to keeping vehicle occupants safe after a collision. Not only will many of their vehicles automatically switch off in the event of an accident, their doors will also be unlocked and their front and back emergency lights turned on.

Volvo Pedestrian

Volvo on the other hand are currently focusing on saving the lives of pedestrians. Should a pedestrian wonder out in front of you, not only will an alarm go off but if you happen not to hear it and are about to actually hit someone, the breaks will automatically be applied. Although only time will tell if such safety features lead to pedestrians behaving even more recklessly than usual, for now, it’s one new piece of car gadgetry that could certainly save lives.

Suburu Wi-fi

One new car feature that most web fanatics will certainly welcome comes from Suburu. Their Outback range now come complete with optional in car wi-fi. And not only can you connect while in the car, should you fancy stopping somewhere, the signal can actually be picked up anywhere within a hundred feet of the vehicle. The only downside is that the service is only available on a subscription basis and at twenty pounds per month, it’s not exactly cheap.

Ford Flex In Car Refrigerator

Ford on the other hand have decided to include a mini fridge in the new Ford Flex. While it probably won’t make driving any safer, it can certainly make it a lot more enjoyable on a hot day. There is reportedly space for up to seven cans, all of which will be ready to drink after being stored at an optimal temperature of forty one degrees. Should you have kids and want to keep them quiet during long drives, you will certainly benefit from the possibility of ice cream bribes thanks to the compartments innovative freeze mode.

Mercedes Benz Attention Assist

Finally, when you take a drive in some new Mercedes Benz models, the in car computer will be keeping an eye on you, trying to discern patterns in your driving. Once said computer has got you all figured out, it will then sound an alarm whenever your driving behavior appears to be deviating from the norm. The idea is not to make you paranoid about the powers of modern day computing but rather to alert you that you are becoming too tired to drive.

This guest post was written by Douglas. He promises to buy a new car any time three or four of these features are available in a single car. Right now he is happy driving his used Vauxhall with basic features.