We’re starting off our new website redesign and blog by giving away 10 Cool Car High Resolution Wallpapers. We’ve spent a great deal of time collecting these wallpapers and we wanted to share them with our community. CoolCarsHotGirls.com has been around for over 5 years! Join us in celebrating the success of our website by sharing wallpapers with your friends.

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Her Need For Speed

A dark style wallpaper featuring a sports car with custom performance upgrades. The wallpaper includes a beautiful blonde model wearing a leather jacket.

Cool Cars - High Resolution Wallpaper

Yellow Camaro SS

This stunning wallpaper is a classic! A Camaro SS convertible with chrome rims and custom exhaust.

Cool Cars - High Resolution Wallpaper

A Mechanic’s Dream

There’s nothing more admiring than having your own garage, muscle car and a young lady.

Cool Cars - High Resolution Wallpaper

An Afternoon Car Wash

The classic Rag top Cougar has always been a car enthusiasts dream, especially when it’s washed and waxed!

Cool Cars - High Resolution Wallpaper

Blue Relaxation

Another shot of the Rag top Cougar with a beautiful brunette modeling on the hood.

Cool Cars - High Resolution Wallpaper

Red Mini Cooper

This wallpaper includes a cute blonde about to take a drive in her red Mini Cooper Convertible.

Cool Cars - High Resolution Wallpaper

Blue Sports Car in Motion

This wallpaper is designed with a nice blurry effect that gives a nice illusion of the Maserati in motion.

Cool Cars - High Resolution Wallpaper

Classy Blonde with Bentley

This wallpaper is simple and conservative. It includes a gray tone Bentley and a Blonde model in a dress.

Cool Cars - High Resolution Wallpaper

Classy Range Rover in White

Range Rovers have been a favorite for most of our readers. They are notable for their luxury interiors and bold performance and technology.

Cool Cars - High Resolution Wallpaper

White Cadillac, Black Rims and Two Sweethearts

Here’s another one of our favorites, the Cadillac CTS and two lovely ladies.

Cool Cars - High Resolution Wallpaper

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