Did you know that many of the most common car repairs are the fault of the driver? Whether it’s how you drive or skipping regular maintenance, you may be the cause of those costly repairs. The simple truth is that if you don’t take care of your car, you will have to pay. Let’s take a closer look at common auto repairs and how to avoid them.

Auto Repairs That Result From Poor Car Care

As mentioned above, there are a number of auto repairs that result from skipping scheduled maintenance. Scheduled maintenance is more than just changing the oil and oil filter. On a regular basis, the care should be thoroughly inspected and tuned up. When you don’t get maintenance done, the engine and other critical areas of the car are affected. Here are just a few of the common auto repairs that are the cause of negligence.


Misfires are a common occurrence and result from bad spark plugs. This is easily avoided by following the maintenance schedule in your driver’s manual.

EVAP Leak or Failure

This is caused when there is a leak in the evaporative emissions systems control system. This is very easy to avoid by simply remembering to tightly seal your gas cap after filling up. In most cases, this means twisting the cap until you hear three clicks.

System Running Too Lean

Another common problem is when the car’s computer senses problems in the injection system. This is easily prevented with proper maintenance.

Catalytic Convertor Failure

When the catalytic converter becomes clogged, exhaust builds up in the cabin of the car, which can be deadly. Again, this is easily avoided with regular maintenance and tune ups.

Auto Repairs That Result From Poor Driving

Even if you keep your car properly maintained, you may experience auto repairs that result from poor driving. The truth is the way you drive can have a huge impact on your car. The constant starting and stopping in congested traffic and hard stops and quick pull outs can cause damage to your car. Here are a few common auto repairs that result from poor driving.

Transmission Failure

Transmission failure can indeed be caused by a lack of maintenance, but it can also be caused by poor driving skills. For example, those that aren’t familiar with stick shift vehicles, may miss a gear on occasion, which can ruin the transmission. This is easily avoided by learning how to properly drive a stick shift.

Engine Wear Engines will wear out from traffic congestion. The constant stopping and starting can be hard on the engine. However, this can be treated by getting your car maintained more frequently and getting in highway driving time at least once a week.


Lastly, alignment is often the cause of poor driving habits. Running over curbs, hitting potholes, etc will cause the car to come out of alignment. Being more cautious of your driving can help prevent this repair.

As you can see, proper maintenance and better driving habits can save you thousands of dollars on auto repairs.

About the Author: Deedra Lanum works for an auto mechanic who frequently makes small repairs that could have been avoided with a little maintenance. Make sure you have a roadside assistance plan in case you ever find yourself in need of aid. They’re a life-saver!